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Er werd een Trading Collateral Officer gevraagd...9 januari 2021

Classez ces produits du plus risqué au moins risqué : cash, action, obligation.

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1) action 2)obligation 3)cash

What is the responsibility of collateral valuator?

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Determine the value of the property to secure the loan

Determine the values of the property to secure the loan


How long would I be willing to commit to the job.

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Not a problem to committing to it.

Lloyds Banking Group

Tell me about a time when you helped someone do something incredible...

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Mentioned the occasion we ran across the motorway next to the Chicago Bears stadium (Soldier Field), well it is a vague question so there's a vague answer.. Minder

BNY Mellon

Very straight forward and to the point questions about options and derivative market. As long as you show interest and have a go getter mentality they will select you. You must know how to learn fast and think fast and have a problem solving mind.

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I answered all the questions with confidence and interest in the bank. I learned about the bank and even read their financial statements. I also mentioned that i had experience working with teams and working as a lead in projects. Minder

Legal and General Investment Management

What are you motivations?

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I am motivated by the opportunity of constant learning.


why you want to apply

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want to have a good learning experience

Goldman Sachs

What is you understanding of EMIR regulations?

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My answer was very high level, '' pretty much they are laws that govern OTC markets that will mitigated another financial crisis from happening''; something along the lines, i eventually said that i would have to do more research and come back to them Minder

Municipal Credit Union

Why do you want to work for this company? What is one of your weaknesses? How do you handle difficult customers?

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I currently work. At municipal credit union as a temporary. Collateral representative I do have knowledge and background in motor vehicle area. I do enjoy working. With this company. My weakness. Its not being able to admit when I need assistance, I tried to carry the work load on my own. Minder

Bank of England

Why did you choose Bank of England?

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Keen interest in the central bank's operations and how it effectively manages and mitigates risks in order to efficiently fund businesses and institutions on a bigger scale. Minder

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