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Illinois Tollway
Er werd een Illinois Toll Collector gevraagd...28 augustus 2016

Job Related, including Customer Services, Management Related, Cash Handling and Basic Mathematics skills, and Information regarding Your Illinois Interstate Highways and Oasis. And most import vehicles categorized by Excels. Will all come in written exam.

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Did you have an Actual interview or just one after the test ?

How long after the interview did you wait for a drug test?

What all did you have to bring for hiring process

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Team Recovery

If i believed in God

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I was offended, but I do believe in God and answered that I did.

I wish I knew who you were. I hate it here so much

lol I used to work there and I swear I have PTSD from the place.

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What is your 5 year goal what are your strengths and weaknesses? What type of salary are you looking for? What do you think we should hire you?

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Am very hard working and full time work

Looking good salary

I apply for a job so you hair me for work or I do

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what kind of technology is used

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out of date severely under powered computers


What are you looking for in a position?

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Company to grow with and a chance for advancement.

Turned on more of the company which is with computer skills

Company to grow with and a chance to advancement. And learn other skills


Why should we hire you ?

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Go getter always raching for goals.

You should hirer me based on my experience in the collection field, along with my people skills and effective communication skills used to recovery revenue while having empathy for the tax payer, this allows for a win-win solution for the company. I am a team player and can adapt to changes when needed while still allowing for appositive outcome. Minder

TRAX International

What steps would you take while working on a project if there were a leak coming from one of the vehicles?

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I was unsure of how to answer this due to the fact that I am unfamiliar with vehicles. Minder

First determine whether the leak poses a safety issue to personnel. If there is a health and safety expert, consult with them. Secondly, determine whether the leak poses an environmental hazard or concern. Thirdly, determine whether the leak compromises the objective of the project or test and modify plans accordingly. Minder

Firstsource Advantage

Can you handle angry customers

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Of course

Up to a certain point, as I will be dealing with them on multiple occasions throughout the day. I would hit the 'mute' button until he/she have calmed down. Minder

J.P. Morgan

I never like the question name your weakness, or name a time you have had a conflict with a boss and what did you do to resolve it.

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Disagree on bank policy

Did not agree with boss - so explained reason why


They will bring a manager in, and you will be drilled. No hypathetical questions to answer really. But you will be called to account for experience and/or lapse of employment, dismissal, and they will contact your past employers and ask as much as they are willing to tell.

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Be honest, seriously

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