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Er werd een Commercial Account Manager gevraagd...3 oktober 2016

What is the most useful metric from the Financial Statements for lenders?

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Free Cash Flow as it helps to determine how much in interest payments the company can afford to make on an annual basis. Minder

i would say Debt / EBITDA ratio, as a lender, we care more about its debt repayment ability. Minder

In order of priority: 1. Liquidity ratios - should be atleast 1 or above Current ratio Quick Ratio Cash Conversion Cycle = DSO + DIO - DPO ..the lesser the number of days the more liquid 2. Debt Service Ratios: EBITDA/P+I Cash flow from operations/P+I Cash flow from operation - Capex /P+I 3. Leverage Ratios Debt/Equity Debt/Total Assets Minder

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Why do you want to work for DOW?

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I need money lol

I need money lol


What would you do when first take control of a desk?

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When I first take control of the desk, I will determine how "full" the desk is which essentially means how many clients and or how much of a loan portfolio have I inherited and what is the gap I need to fill in terms if net new clients and/or loan portfolio size. Depending upon how big or small the gap is I will allocate my time and resources between servicing existing clients or prospecting for new clients. You can further elaborate how you will service your client and how you will go about finding new clients (tapping internal referrals at RBC, networking events and creating a strong Centres of Influence network of Accountants/ Lawyers, etc) Minder

Contact clients

Wilkins Solutions

The thing I found most unexpected was the casual nature of the interview. I didn't notice any of the usual weeding out questions. All text book stuff for the most part.

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It confused me at the time, but now I know that they have such a high turn over rate, they are actually quite desperate for sales people and will allow almost anyone to represent them. Minder

Advance Auto Parts

What was a typical sales situation from start to close in your previous sales role?

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Basic sales answer, about what I sold.

Central Bancorp (CO)

How comfortable am I with Excel? Also a barrage of the personality, situation-specific questions they downloaded from the internet, even though they were not all "give a specific example of a time you resolved a conflict/got others to see your point of view/you achieved a personal goal/blah blah blah...

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I am good with most Office products, and I had researched these same situation-specific questions I might be asked and gave them prepared, BS answers to match their BS questions. Minder

BMO Financial Group

A range of behavioral and experience questions. A few competency questions related to general accounting.

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I used the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) technique for answering the interview questions. Minder

Guinness World Records

How long were you at your last job, what was management like

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I elaborated on previous employers and how management was superb


Why join DiaSorin now? What can we offer you now for you career path?

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Career path advancement in line with my career goals for 3 - 5 years.

Progressive Insurance

What was a time that you made a mistake, and how did you correct it?

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Told about a time that I had told a customer that called into the store, some wrong information. And how I called her back to rectify. Minder

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