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BofI Federal Bank
Er werd een Commercial Relationship Manager gevraagd...15 september 2017

Why you?

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Commercial lending experience

Lloyds Banking Group

Tell me about a time you done what is above above beyond your job description to provide a excellent service?

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-I spoke about exceeding customer expectations..

Waypoint Bank

How can you make a difference?

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Through service, commitment, and being a resource for the client.

Wells Fargo

If you were acquiring a fixed asset with cash and debt, how would this affect the financial statements? (2nd and 3rd round)

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Income Statement- Capex does not affect I/S Statement of Cash flows- Fixed asset increase is a cash outflow, Issuance of Debt is a cash inflow, difference between the two is the net reduction in cash Balance Sheet-Fixed Asset is up, Cash is down, Debt is increased by the amount of Increase in Fixed Assets minus the decrease in Cash Minder

Regions Financial

How do you prospect for new clients? How do you ensure tenure with your clients? How do you distinguish yourself from other CRMs?

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I work smart in utilizing my existing clients, bank partners, COI(s) and community participation in obtaining referrals. I identify the needs of each of my clients and match bank services and products to meet those needs in order for the client to grow their business. By becoming a trusted adviser with each of my clients and acting as a member of their team. Minder


From the Senior Credit Officer - What is the risk of a company growing too quickly?

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Discussed working capital and the uses of cash in growing receivables and inventory. Mentioned companies can grow themselves into bankruptcy. Minder


Financial ratios and finacial statement analysis

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I did ok but i felt they were looking for Senior RM for RM role

Bank Of China (Hong Kong)

Why would you leave your current job


Why do you want to apply for Scotia bank? What are your strenghths? What is your plan in next five years?

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