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Er werd een Communications Business Partner gevraagd...23 november 2021

What relative experience in corporate retail communications can you bring to Target?

9 antwoorden

Being there for your costumers needs anwser any off there questions do the best you can to fulfill there needs at any given time Minder

To work hard get stuff done for the company standards be very reliable

Work as a team member do what I am hired to do

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What is your favorite movie? What did you notice when you first walked in our office?

3 antwoorden

Tried my best to answer them honestly and to get a feel of what the company might be like or my job might entail. Nothing given in response to that. Minder

My favorite movie, is lord of ward. With Nicholas Cage.

I never been to your office's. We have a over the phone Interview.


Why do you want to work here?

3 antwoorden

Your company is a very good in treating the employees good and salary on time .I want to grow together with this company Minder

Because Your goodwill

Listed out the growth opportunity it presented although I was quite annoyed by this point Minder

The World Bank

Give me an experience of when you managed reputational risk.

3 antwoorden

How long does it take the recruitment process? What was the period between the panel interview and the final one? Minder

How lond does it take the recruitment process? What was the period between the panel interview and final one? Minder

How does it take the recruitment process? What was the time gap between the panel interview and the final one? Minder

Artech L.L.C.

What is your salary expectation?

3 antwoorden

Before we dive into my salary expectations, can you first tell me more about the position and expectations? Minder

It depends on the specific position details that are required.

It depends on the specific position details that are required.

Northrop Grumman

What are you interested in working on?

3 antwoorden

Metal , welding it to make it support things with force is absolutely amazing!!

Cyber Security analyst auditor investigator

Safety, i’m a very conscientious safety person, I have heard of Northrop Grumman many times before and I respect them as a company. Roy is close to my home. Minder

The World Bank

The World Bank doesn't always have a good reputation, mostly among NGOs. How do you convince them to support us instead?

3 antwoorden

Name social media influencers that you would like to engage with in the World Bank's activities, and give the reasons. Minder

I saw that you got job in UN Agency. Did u had somebody to refer you or ?

Sorry just saw yout question. No, i didn't have any referral for the UN post. It's a highly competitive young professional programme, but it's for permament staff member post. Worth trying. Good luck. Minder

City of Jacksonville

Experience and education

3 antwoorden

I had customer service experience and a Bachelors in Criminal justice

Are you in Jackson, MS or Jax,FL? You seriously had to take a polygraph?

Jacksonville FL, and yes. Over 200+ questions before you actually took it.

NYSL Promotions

What makes you a good fit?

2 antwoorden

I know nothing about marketing, I am gullible and easily influenced by others.

Highly motivated, team-oriented, hustle.

US Marine Corps

Have you ever smoked marijuana?

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Um I accidentally pushed the up button I didn’t think it would work also I didn’t know I only have one vote Minder

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