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Er werd een Community Engagement Manager gevraagd...5 juni 2018

What three words would you use to describe Apple products

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1. Stylish 2. Trust full 3. Beat can any other companies products

Intelligent, beneficial, and fast

worlds best brand company

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What indicators do you report on? How can you improve upon the product?

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Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

Beside LP related questions, what should I prepare for Amazon interviews? and wondering anyone tried this before? It seems like quite helpful to get answers from Amazon employees... Minder

What do you mean by “indicators”? Is the product, your team, your Associates??


Do you have any questions ?

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I answered with questions, but then they told me they couldn't answer them

From what I’ve read what training specific to academic interventionists will I receive Minder

Unite Us

When was a time you had to be vulnerable in a meeting?

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I had no idea how to answer this question because it did not seem to relate to the job at hand. Minder


1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis. 2) Tell me about a time you had to deal with ambiguity. 3) Tell me what you know about AWS?

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

Re: "1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis" Let me tell you about [situation] my experience on YouTube [task] and about the time when I started publishing my first series of videos. Despite [action] investing at times [metric] 200 hours into one video, and keeping a [bias for action] sustained uploading schedule, they would only get [metric] 50 to 100 views; this went on for about [metric] 3 months of trial and error - no one was watching them or subscribing, so I discontinued the series. Putting things into perspective, [result] this helped me [negative story with positive outcome] to learn the importance of storytelling and creating helpful content; and, despite doing these videos [frugality] all by myself, I went above and beyond to [customer obsession + flywheel] help my viewers to reach their goals. [results] Eventually, things started heading in the right direction, some of the videos even going [buzzword] viral, with [metric] thousands watching them every day, and [metric] hundreds subscribing each month. Also, [focus on the outcome] people have started to provide useful feedback which makes the production process more [positive outcome] enjoyable and helps me considerably improve with each upload. P.s. this is the transcript of a full example that I made on my YouTube channel in the video: How to Answer Any Behavioral Question During The Amazon Interview Minder


I was asked about my current contacts within schools - esp ones beyond teachers, such as administrators and board members.

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I was honest and shared ideas of areas where I knew people.

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us! We are excited to partner with our local districts to share our programs and create more resilient educators. This role is a key role in creating those partnerships and changing lives for our Teachers and their students. Minder

Woodruff Arts Center

What questions do you have about the Woodruff, Alliance, the staff, or me?

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I asked the manager about his background, as well as the background of the producer and assistant producer. Minder

American Red Cross

Why do you want to work at the Red Cross?

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Powerful mission and the vision aligns with my values.


The interview was pretty standard, what are your strengths/weaknesses and whatnot.

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What type of volunteer work have you done?


I was asked to present to a panel on a community engagement effort that I have done.

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I presented to the panel.

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