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Een community manager (M/V/X) richt zich op het onderhouden van online community's die betrekking hebben op een organisatie of bedrijf. U zult moeten laten zien dat u zeer goed begrijpt hoe online community's werken, welke trends eraan komen en welke marketingprincipes gelden. U moet daarnaast over goed ontwikkelde sociale en solide projectmanagementvaardigheden beschikken.

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Tips om deze drie veelgestelde sollicitatievragen voor een community manager te beantwoorden:

Vraag 1: Welke eigenschappen van deze functie spreken u aan?

Zo antwoordt u: Leg uit waarom u bij dit bedrijf wilt werken. Zet uiteen hoe uw visie met dit merk overeenkomt. Laat in uw antwoord zien dat u staat te popelen om betrokken te worden bij de online community van het bedrijf en dat u deze wilt laten groeien. Doe onderzoek en bevestig dat u de visie en de merkstrategie van het bedrijf goed begrijpt.

Vraag 2: Hoe blijft u op de hoogte van opkomende consumententrends?

Zo antwoordt u: Vertel hoe u actief onderzoek doet naar nieuwe trends en technologie en bekijk het marktpotentieel daarvan. Vergeet niet deze op de visie van het bedrijf te betrekken en altijd te benadrukken hoe u de community in elk onderzoek meeneemt.

Vraag 3: Welke hulpmiddelen gebruikt u op dagelijkse basis?

Zo antwoordt u: Gebruik de kans om uw projectmanagement- en organisatorische vaardigheden uit te lichten. Hoewel veel verantwoordelijkheden van een community manager responsief kunnen zijn, moet u laten zien dat u projecten kunt plannen en leveren, dat u resultaten kunt analyseren en dat u nieuwe projecten kunt opstellen. Praat over de hulpmiddelen die u gebruikt om projecten van begin tot eind te onderzoeken en te beheren.

Meest gestelde sollicitatievragen

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Er werd een Community Manager gevraagd...24 september 2016

How would you make people in the community feel engaged?

24 antwoorden

Welcoming individuals for who they are and what they represent. Recognize the importance of the role that each class,ethnicity and family values and how they play out in a community. Minder

Timely, and personal responses to their concerns and comments. Adressing everything that may be improved. Make them feel like you are listening and that they are important. Minder

Expand accessabitliy for persons with disability's.

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How do you respond to negative comments online?

17 antwoorden

Don’t pay any attention to the negative comments stay true to you and stay focused on your goals Minder

Apologize and address the comment, sincerely and professionally, in favor of the customer. Minder

keep calm. Just give positive respond like say thank you for criticizing we'll do better for the next and make their negative comments for our motivations to be the best and we have to show up for that Minder

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Walk me through your resume

12 antwoorden

How would you go after building a community for SMB around the topic of FB analytics? Minder

I would then try to get as many users on board with the idea

Ady allatif

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American Red Cross

Why do you want to work for American Red Cross in this role?

10 antwoorden

Because I have strong passion for making a positive difference in people's lives, through any way that I can help them out. Minder

When I was in high school I was a volunteer for UCI Medical Center earned a lot of my high school credits that way I really thought I was going to be a nurse but then I pursue the career of being a cosmetologist and when my both my parents got sick my father he died from bone marrow cancer and I had to take him in to go get infusions three times a week and then my mother she passed away from a a blood disorder blood would get thick and was on medication and having to go and get treatments also so since then I've really wanted to be a phlebotomist so I took the course and my husband being in the Marine Corps moved back to California and now we've made home here in New York so it's time to pursue my dream I would really like to do this it's my passion to be a phlebotomist Minder

I cited the ARC mission, the important community work that is needed and how the priorities of ARC align with my personal beliefs. Minder

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Rockstar Games

What is your favorite Rockstar game and why?

8 antwoorden

My favorite rockstar game was Grand Theft Auto 4, all the characters felt real and 100%ing the game didn’t feel like a chore (not saying 100%ing GTA 5 did), just saying it always felt like an adventure and everytime sometime called me up to do something it always felt like something fun and exciting, except maybe Roman, he got a little annoying. But hey, that’s probably exactly how it would be like if your cousin lived in the same town as you right? Anyways, the add ons and everything, the story. It was a master piece. 10/10 would recommend. And I hope more games and add-ons and stories like The lost and the damned come out again!! Minder

My favorite Rockstar game is Grand Theft Auto V Online. You can't find a game that is more immersive than that. You can become the character that you create. You get jobs that you make money from, you buy your own place to live, you buy cars and you buy clothes. You can engage in extracurricular activities such as golf, tennis, racing and even catch a movie. You are in control! There is nightlife if you are bored or lonely. If you like danger there is so much out there that you can get in to! I can play this game for long hours and never get bored. Minder

"Midnight Club" 🏍️🚗🏎️is my all time favorite game from RockStar 🌟. Yet it is nothing in compare to GTA but then also...when it comes to Riding and exploring the City, gives immense feeling. I still feel those moments and smile 😊. Amazing thing was Ride everywhere and find street racing events on map, navigate towards event place and do race. Those things makes me feel like I'm the only one Person in the City. Thanx for you love towards us and giving us so beautiful 😍 and lovely games.💐💐💐 Minder

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Intel Corporation

She didn't ask any hard questions. She just talked about the position.

6 antwoorden

I explained how I could help. I knew more about what was going to be needed for the position than the person who interviewed me. Minder

This is not true. But Intel is not the place it used to be. Up in Oregon, Washington, look at other tech companies too. Minder

What a joke.. Anyone tried Rooftop Slushie for prep? It's like asking questions and getting answers from FB/G employees. Minder

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Tell me something quirky about you.

6 antwoorden

I go above a nd beyond, with the task I'm give or helping others

^^ This.. wondering anyone tried Rooftop Slushie for prep? It's like asking questions and getting answers from Google employees. Minder

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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What three words would you use to describe Apple products

5 antwoorden

1. Stylish 2. Trust full 3. Beat can any other companies products

Intelligent, beneficial, and fast

worlds best brand company

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Work experience

5 antwoorden

6 month

1 year and completed my own 2 sites

1 year as internship and completed my own 2 sites

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Have you used Zomato and what do you think of it?

5 antwoorden

Yes i have a app ! Place we can find all the tasty items from our favourite Reataurents and Hotels . Minder

The app wasn't available in my city, but they want you to spend time looking at it anyway so pick a different city to explore. Minder

I feel this is the best app with timely delivery benifits it provides to make it up to people who don’t get delivery as mentioned with reimbursement to the e-wallet. Minder

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