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JSW Steel
Er werd een Computer Systems Engineer gevraagd...12 juli 2017

what is use of sap in steel plant

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Sap is a fluid transported in xylem cells (vessel elements) or phloem sieve tube elements of a plant. Minder


To find max and minimum value and swap them by using only one for loop

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I wrote a program but the interviewer was not satisfied and asked few puzzles. They said we will call you if you are hired and leave for the day. Minder

Lockheed Martin

One question they asked was, what can you bring to this company?

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I bring a High IQ of leadership as well as the ability to adopt to new information to use to move the company forward. Minder

HCL Global Systems

At what level you take about work

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I said challenging


My experience working with cloud and networks.

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I gave them detail about my previous work experiences.


do you have the experience to access all tools on computer?

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i am quite professional with five years experience and i am ready to give it all in this company Minder

Tata Consultancy Services

short term goal?

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To get a good career life

Tata Consultancy Services

What is the first place to live with out your family?

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Tata Consultancy Services

What is IoT?

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IoT implies Internet of Things. It is a technology where every device is connected to each other and collectively construct a smart environment. For example, a smart home, when a person wakes up, the light turns on and the heater/cooler turns on. Coffee gets ready, car gets started and get warm etc. Minder

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