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Er werd een Configuration Management Specialist gevraagd...28 juli 2016

What are you best qualities?

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My best qualities are organization and database management.

Blue Sky Innovative Solutions

Describe your experience within the DoD.

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Described the various positions held within DoD space.

Blue Sky Innovative Solutions

Describe your experience with configuration management.

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Discussed typical daily tasks.

Blue Sky Innovative Solutions

When would you be available to start?

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2 weeks' notice.

Pratt & Whitney

Are you willing to learn various tasks?

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More than willing.

Textron Systems

They asked if I was flexible and if I was able to work with groups of people.

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I had previous experience as a manager and also as the lead in a warehouse environment so i had no issues completing tasks and communicating with a team. Minder

Blue Sky Innovative Solutions

Do you have a current clearance?

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22nd Century Technologies

If I was interested in Management, as I have a lot of Management Experience

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They did not want anyone at the time that was interested in Management, just someone to come in and do the job. I explained that even though I have all of this experience, I am at a point in my life where I prefer not to be in Management. Minder

Global Science & Technology

I don't remember there being a difficult or unexpected question.


Why do you want a career switch? What do you expect from this role?

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