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Dell Technologies
Er werd een Configuration Manager gevraagd...10 februari 2010

Explain SDLC

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SDLC is called Software Development Life Cycle. As the name describes it all, it defines how the digital software goes through various stages from requirements, analysis, design, testing to Production in phases. Typically waterfall method is used but these days Scrum and Agile is also taking precedence to enhance the SDLC experience. Minder

Found excellent read:

I hope will to do this job after completing my study


How long have you worked in aviation?

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Most of my career. About 17 years.

Life long


Q: Do you like Configuration Management?

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I do enjoy Configuration Management. A company can save a lot of money having a strong Configuration Management weather data management, software configuration or contracting tracking. Minder



Will CMDB include people of any department? Are people configurable items? Gawaar He was only looking for book definition. I guess he is unaware of something better and i.e concepts. He had some definitions in his little head

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Actually its a good question from ITIL V3. Yes, CMDB includes people of various departments who are managing, supporting, owning, using, monitoring the CIs. People are not CIs , but they are considered as attributes (like CI name, CTI, specifications, relationships,etc) to CIs. Minder


Past job description and experience in Configuration management

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Past job description and experience in configuration management

ICS Nett

How can I help them on the contract

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After working for the customer in another department for a year and half I know the customer better than anyone you could bring off the street Minder


How to improve query performance in SQL?

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There are multiple ways to improve query performance . 1. Owner/Schema Name : Always prefix object names (i.e. table name, stored procedure name, etc.) with its owner/schema name. 2. The * Operator : Do not use the * operator in your SELECT statements. Instead, use column names. 3. Nullable Columns : Do not use NOT IN when comparing with nullable columns. Use NOT EXISTS instead. 4. Table Variables and Joins : Do not use table variables in joins. Use temporary tables, CTEs (Common Table Expressions), or derived tables in joins instead. 5. Stored Procedure Names : Do not begin your stored procedure’s name with sp_. 6. Use SET NOCOUNT ON: Use SET NOCOUNT ON with DML operations. 7. Avoid Using GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and DISTINCT : Avoid using GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and DISTINCT as much as possible Minder

Envisage Technologies

If you were in front of a crowd of 1000 people and you could get up on a soapbox to tell them "your" message, what would you say?

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I did not have an answer. I thought this was an awful question and after the interview I asked several peers how they felt about it and it was unanimous that this was a bad question. Minder


Q: Have you managed employees before?

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Yes, I have managed employees before

Teledyne Technologies

What was the most difficult thing you ever had to tell a colleague?

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I had to tell a staff member they had a BO problem.

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