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Richmond American Homes
Er werd een Senior CopyWriter gevraagd...3 december 2010

Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.

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when i was handled diabetic patient;[ im only reliever] my co-worker inject a highdosage of insulin , the patient suffered hypoglycemia,and im awaked almost 3 days without any rest. Minder

that is true moment,for me hundle diabetic patient,check the insulin ,if the blood sugar is high i follow dr. order,the to hyperglicemia,follow dr. order all the time. Minder

Diabetic [non-insulin dependent can cure thru oral medication or exercise,while insulin dependent ,we monitor blood sugar ,if the blood sugar is high,i give injection it depend to doctor order, the same to hypoglycemia. Minder

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New Breed Marketing

If you could start a business what would it be? What types of publications do you read? Can you handle the pace of a start up?

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Company is self-serving and enjoys wasting candidate's time.

They might be searching for ideas.

They'll have you do 20+ hours of training before they interview you. If you're not up for the investment of your time with potentially no ROI, I'd say RUN!!! Minder

Uhuru Network

Even after you click submit on the interview and get a confirmation notification, read the fine print because they require you to also submit a video application via email to prove you're a real person. Talk about adding more time to the process!

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Painstakingly over many hours... Because I'm a fool.

Thank you for your feedback about our hiring process. As a company offering full-time remote employment, which is in high demand, the "get to know you video" is one of the best ways for an applicant to set themselves apart. We listen to your feedback and have already taken action. A note has been added to all our applications about the post submission video. We get hundreds of job inquiries a month and those that spend time submitting a quality application are the ones that move forward in our hiring process. Note, there are many that don't take the time. We invest a lot of time and energy into the Uhuru Team and we hope candidates do the same. Thank you again for your feedback. Minder

Yes, I also was surprised by the request for the video to explain why you want to work there and why you think you're a good fit. They'd already asked this question on the form, and they also asked for a cover letter. So why ask for a video, too? I had already spent an hour working on my resume, cover letter and responses to their questions. And now I get this suprise video request at 10 pm on a Friday? You also need to know about this on their response page: "Now, this bit is really important: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that you go through the website and read some of our blog articles and resources. I'm a bot connected to the website, so I'll know if you do." So after you apply and find out you have to do a video, you get a threat from a bot that says "Surf til I'm happy or you won't get an interview!" Ugh, no. Makes me wonder how many times their employees have to meet secret, undefined goals to keep their jobs. I withdrew my application. Minder


What excites you about DDG?

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Sounds like you are totally right. I came here to check up on them and....not one person below was offered a position. Something doesn't smell right with this company. Minder

I understand you're upset about not getting further in the interview process, but your logic doesn't really make sense to me. Why would DuckDuckGo farm out work to potential candidates when really you have no idea about the company, how it works or it's values? Would they not just hire a freelancer in that case, rather than going through the process of putting up a job listing, interviewing someone etc. ? I'm still involved in the interview process at the moment, yes it's a little different, but I've had no problem with it so far. Some of the posts here seem to be coming from people that feel like they are entitled to a job. Perhaps you just weren't a good fit for the role? 🤷‍♂️ Minder


Why did you leave your last job?

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To work with more brands and collaborate with a new team.

The same reason I joined that Company; for better prospects.

New Breed Marketing

Past experience, why I was looking to leave my current position

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A waste of time.

That's just typical recruiters digging for dirt, don't ever fall for the trap. Spin whatever into a positive and bypass the negative inuendo. Minder


What competencies were important to me as a marketing writer?

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Downvoted mistakenly.. m extremely sorry.. it's a perfect answer

Along with a solid and diverse background, empathy is number one. A thorough understanding of both the client's business and needs, and how our agency's execution can best support those while meeting our own goals. Minder


Do you think you can meet tight deadlines working from home?

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Of course.

Yes! My current role is working from home


Make up a tagline on the spot!

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This seems a little shady. An employer shouldn't be asking candidates to produce work for free as part of the interview process. Minder

I described how I would structure the tagline, but given no creative brief or research tools, I did not actually produce one. Minder


Please rewrite this ad for this product.

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I had little knowledge and no information or specs for the product I was asked to rewrite the ad for and the person who asked me to do this was quick to point out the lack of knowledge in my answer. If you want me to write about something you have to give me the necessary information and specifications. Minder

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