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Wynn Resorts
Er werd een Corporate Investigator gevraagd...17 september 2016

Tell us about you work history and education

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Told them about my work experience and education.


What knowlege of the corporatation do you have

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Tell us about a time where you had a large data set and what did you do to find patterns? Tell us about a time where you investigated something and what was the output of the investigation? Tell us about a brief SAR that you wrote and did you have any quality defects, if so what were they and why?

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Mainly used VBAs and Macros to sort through the data and used conditional formatting to find and analyze trends. Minder

The Home Depot

Tell me about a time you had a conflict with your supervisor. What was the conflict? What was the outcome

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Conflicts with your supervisor are key to the program's success. Differences in approaches to issues we face, or case specific tactics are needed to make sure you are approaching challenge or cases in the best way possible. If you do not disagree with your supervisor on occasion, and more importantly, voice your opinion, the team will continue to struggle. It is my job to use my expertise and share it with my supervisor and team. Minder


What is your current salary?

Morgan Stanley

Standard interview questions like tell me about your previous experience / why MS, why this team, what do you do outside of work?


Your motivation, background, language knowledge (rumor has it that sometimes they test it, did not happen to me).

Tractor Supply

Nothing to difficult, mainly questing related to partnerships, past experience (Tell me about a time when...) and communication.


Why do you want to work for UBS?

The Risk Advisory Group

Questions were mainly concerned with how my background fitted the job requirements and what I knew about Risk Advisory Group (e.g. 'What do we do in your words?', 'Who are our competitors?' etc.).

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