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Bank of Communications
Er werd een Corporate Management Trainee gevraagd...13 september 2021

What do you think about 2019 event?

Kraft Heinz Company

Pitch this product to me:


- Waarom KLM? - Waarom een / dit traineeship? - Heb je ervaring met leidinggeven? - Wat voeg jij toe aan KLM? - Hoe motiveer je een oude(re) groep werknemers?

Bank of Communications

use both cantonese or mandarin: what are the challenges u faced before when u corporated with your classmates? How to solve them? )

Kraft Heinz Company

Why do you want to work at Kraft Heinz?


what are your strengths and limitations


Purposes of application; motivation for the role


They just dissected my resume

Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.

Think of the worst day in your life, what did you learn from this experience?

Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.

If you had a difficult client or coworker, how would you handle it?

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