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Save the Children
Er werd een Country Director gevraagd...6 oktober 2017

What value do you think you bring on board for the organization.

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I will hit the ground running and ensure the organisation is on the track to meets its strategic plans. Minder

How will you ensure that the organization meets its current ambitious new strategic plan. Minder

United Nations

Why do you want to be a Country Director

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je voulais avoir model des questions pose fréquemment lors d'entretien à l'ONU

Peace Corps

What is your greatest weakness? What was your greatest accomplishment?

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I presented an overview of when I served as a country director and needed to evacuate the country due to political unrest. Minder

Clinton Health Access Initiative

What is your managerial style?

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I tend to be direct, hands-off and democratic. First and foremost I let my team know that each and every member is important and special in executing our goals. Some staff require close supervision and hand-holding while others require very little direction to succeed. Based on the staff knowledge and background, we devise a capacity building program to address gaps in knowledge and the requisite experience to be successful. I amke quick decisions based on the relevant inputs and address conflicts, bound to happen on any team, expeditiously. I also believe in 360 degree assessments to replicate what's working well and to improve upon areas where I fall short. Minder

Idmibok International

Why do you want to work for Idmibok International

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I have always had the passion for the kind of work Idmibok does and I believe this is an organization with great potential for success. Minder

Compassion International

What weaknesses do I see in the overall management of the organization?

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My answer was to have a stronger Board as only two members were there on the Board then. The interviewers appreciated my answer and thanked me for drawing their attention to it. Minder

Bio-Rad Laboratories

No specific difficult or unexpected question. Low profile interviewers vs. expectations and interview process in other similar companies.

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Long and Bureaucratic process that took more than 3 months. Not clear skills and specifications for the profile they were searching for. No clear feedback on key questions on complex situation of the Company. Dissapointed and Disillusioned on global process. Happy for not working for this Company anymore. Minder

One Acre Fund

Create tools to solve a given management problem

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Created excel tools

Solidarity Center

How did you hear about Solidarity Center and why do you want to work here?

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My former employer was a partner organization of Solidarity Center.

Intermountain Power Agency

What wold you tell a research assistant to look for when preparing a data base for a principal researcher?

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At first I thought the question referred to the data cleaning process so I talked about probability checks and other data processing techniques commonly used in surveys. But the interviewer said she was not referring to that bu more to data set preparation. I said I would look for the appropriate labels, variable descriptions and that sort of thing, but I don't know if hat was what she was looking for. Minder

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