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Er werd een Creative Writer - Google Assistant gevraagd...31 mei 2017

Write responses as a crazy professor and a nice concierge. Question 1) How are you? 2) I am bored 3) Do I look old? etc.

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I had to write the answers in English as well as in language. I think they wanted to see how creative yet informative you write. Minder

St. Lawrence University

Incredibly their questions were all softballs and easy to answer, if anything they seemed to lack professionalism quality and were awkward at interviewing, I had to input and/or take the lead in the interview which is strange as I was the one interviewing for the job.

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There was no question, I did bring up a bevy of experience and knowledge that would have made me a choice candidate for the position however over and beyond their expectations. Minder


Tell me a little bit about yourself

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I spoke about moving overseas for my master's and some projects I was able to work on. Minder


(It was the obvious questions) If anything they wanted me to ask them questions.

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How are problems solved here? What does the company look for in their employees? Minder


As an extrovert, how would you correspond/communicate with someone who is introverted?

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Most of the time, as individuals we have dual personalities. I'd automatically switch to my lesser extroverted side and get comfortable with this individual to gain their trust and make them feel relaxed. Gradually, this individual would open up and effective communication has been ensured. Minder


What kind of content do you want to make? If you could work with anyone in this industry who would it be? Describe a big win at your job.

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I told them I wanted to make content geared toward Black women in lead roles and coming of age films. Minder

Sporting Classics Magazine

There were no really difficult questions. All were pretty simple and average questions.

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My father who interviewed you along side chuck most likely is a no B*S personality, this ploy you speak of to further their well- being is quite a display of immaturity. These are hard- working people looking for a person with diverse skillsets in marketing, finance, and the vision to further the companies image through hard- work and a possibility of being capable to advance to the higher ranks. If you haven't noticed the two men Duncan Grant and Chuck Weschler are in their late 60's and need young innovative and diverse minds to advance the company through the new digital publishing age. You just didn't meet the expectations, and shouldn't make excuses on the fact that you just weren't the "one". Sorry it didn't work out and good luck to you. Minder

Interpublic Group

What is your current employment situation?

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Typical questions, none too drilling. More conversational than anything.


What attracted you to the job?

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The (aledged) creative writing


What kinds of writing did you do in your previous jobs?

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Print catalogs, digital emails and homepage copy, blogs, lookbooks, in-store signage and video scripts. Minder

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