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Cold Stone Creamery
Er werd een Crew Member gevraagd...3 juni 2014

What's your favorite Disney Princess?

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Jasmine. Come on she's got a pet tiger. if she can train a tiger she's got skills. Minder

Princess Leia. (Sorry)

Whichever one finally answers my phone calls.

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Why do you want to work here?

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I would like to work at McDonald's, because this is a friendly environment, where it's about satisfying the customers. From what I read online. For year's, McDonald's been about family and honesty. I believe, I will be a perfect fit. I will bring my honesty, loyalty and friendliness to the job. Minder

I would like to work at McDonald's because it is close to home and I would never be late also I like to interact with other because I am people person and a quick learner. Minder

I want to work here because I believe its a good start off job for me since I'm so young and I don't wanna always depend on my parents. I also think that working here can really help me start off good Minder

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Trader Joe's

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

24 antwoorden

macaroni & cheese...unless of course I get the job, in which case I will have real groceries again! Minder

Great question! as soon as you hire me I'll invite you over so you can find out.

An interest in food helps. Be yourself and tell them what you cook.

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Most of the questions they asked where all from the phone interview.

24 antwoorden

was the location for JFK?

btw the interview sounds similar to delta f2f as well.

Dont give up on applying. Because I applied 3yrs ago and wanted to give up. Until I finally applied again and finally made it. Just keep trying. Minder

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How would your friends describe you in one word?

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Why do u want to work for JetBlue

18 antwoorden

June 30

Why are they taking so long? Have you contact them? Did you do your background and drug test Minder

April interviewee, how long after your interview, did they contact you regarding bkgrd n fp? Minder

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Do you have a mode of transportation?

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Singapore Airlines

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Elaborate.

14 antwoorden

What’s your IG? I’ll pm from there 😉

Hi mind to pm who received the email for further interview? :)

hellooo, mind to pm for those that received email for further interview? let's get to know each other more haha :D Minder

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Describe a situation where you went above and beyond for a customer.

12 antwoorden

I received the phone call with positive news! I hope you guys do too 😊

i also had mine on the 21st, and i know around monday a couple people received TBNTs and yesterday a friend of mine who is internal received a CJO phone call, so hopefully we will all hear back soon... no news is good news! Minder

I got a call with good news yesterday Feb 2! After interviewing Jan 21, which felt like a long time lol but hope you guys get it :) Minder

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What was my work history? How do I view customer service?

11 antwoorden

They will send it to your email. You can also try looking on the talent reef website Minder

how long did it take cause i had my interview today and they said they were gonna email us the hire packet Minder

He called me 2 hours after my interview and he sent the email then. Go look on the talent reef website. It should show there also Minder

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