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County of Sacramento
Er werd een Criminal Investigator gevraagd...17 juli 2015

Why do you want to work here

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I wanted to work for the county because of its positive reputation, resources, vast job and career opportunities. Minder

Environmental Protection Agency

Do you know that hiring your family and friends is a prohibited practice?

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No, they don't care.

US Army

Why do you want to become a Special Agent?

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I have family members who are police officers and I wanted to follow in their foot steps. Minder

United States Federal Government

Do you hate people of any particular group?

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US Marine Corps

The situational questions. You expect pretty cut and dry situations but they are difficult and demonstrate your ability to think on your feet.

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Answer confidently, don't go back and alter what you said. Stick to your guns.

HM Revenue and Customs

They asked me to expand on my competency answers which I had previously mentioned on my application form

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I just expanded my answers with a more in-depth answer.

State of Arizona

Describe the Forth Amendment

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I describe the law as it applies to search and seizure.

US Secret Service

How willing and able I am to join and leave my area

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Im willing to leave as soon as possible ... and create a better future.

U.S. General Services Administration

Where do you see yourself in five years from now? what do you know about GSA? why did you choose GSA? what is something you feel proud of? (which is very general and did not specify if it was professional or personal). Why do you want to be in a criminal investigative field/position? What are your strengths/weaknesses? What is your biggest failure? And other typical interviewing questions/scenarios just to make sure you can communicate effectively and think in a logical manner. The questions did not stop coming. This felt more like an interrogation rather than an interview.

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I answered questions drawing from my heart and my personal experience. Not sure if this was the correct approach to the cookie-cutter persona they want. Minder

US Department of Veterans Affairs

A unique situation I had to deal with at work.

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Described the adjusted interview process, both panel members enjoyed the response. Minder

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