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Er werd een Customer Insights Research Manager gevraagd...7 januari 2013

What's your favorite tree?

3 antwoorden

C'mon. It's got to be the "Ticket Oak" right?

The Ash tree of course

Willow Tree

J.P. Morgan

What's the name of JPMorgan's CEO?

2 antwoorden

I had read his name 10 times before the interview, but I forgot it when I actually needed it. Minder



They asked to complete a data case study.

2 antwoorden

Prepared case study with the data provided and was asked to present it to a panel of 5 to 7 people. Minder

After case study, how long you have to wait to hear from them back?

Royal Bank of Scotland International

How does RBS differentiate itself from its competitors


Logical Question, Scenario Based, What is SUMIF in Excel

2 antwoorden

can u suggest the recruiter's name ?? it wud be of great help .

Explained SUMIF function

ZS Associates

Behavioral interview, case interview (structured and unstructured)

2 antwoorden

How long after your submission did they contact you?

what type of business case did you face with during the final round? what types of info and business concepts you have to go through? how does it differ from traditional MBB cases? thanks in advance for all your efforts and help Minder

Advisory Board

What fuels your competitive drive?

1 antwoorden

I stumbled a bit on this one and had to fight the urge to say, "competition?"

Froedtert Health

What is something that frustrated you?

2 antwoorden

Working with people who struggle with technology.

Interviewing with Froedtert


Competency-based questions, and why UBS

2 antwoorden

Hi, I suppose you took the online-interview? Would you mind listing some of the questions asked? Minder

Which competency-based questions did they ask you?

Maple Leaf Foods

What is the one thing that you have learned in the last few days?

2 antwoorden

I spoke about how I researched more about Neural Networks which draws me towards the real life application of machine learning concepts. Minder

I was studying a way to get out of my busy schedule and into Canada. My friend had no known person so I looked for a way to do it. I'm genuinely happy about that and I'm sorry I can not speak English properly so trust me if there is anyone who would like to come to Canada from your institution. If I come forward with someone I trust without paying too much attention to my English language skills I will be able to become an English speaking person within 2 months of my arrival in Canada Minder

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