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Interview questions were really nicely thought for the position covering all aspects of it like account and escalation management, SASE and CASB as a concept and use cases, deep-diving into SSL Decryption, PKI deep dive, Remote access concepts and differences, API, etc...

Why did you apply for this position? Why do you wanna work for us? What are your weakness?

What was your biggest achievement

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Current and previous full experience.

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Pourquoi Rituals, que pouvez-vous apporter de différent?

What do you like the most about sales?

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What would you change about the website of JustEat?

On the sheet you'll find a set of real questions from customers...Write down your answers in a Word document and indicate the number. '6 - Absolutely love rituals I think I enjoyed opening my advent calendar more than I did opening my actual Christmas presents can't wait for next years x' (Instagram)

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Waarom heb je voor Coolblue gekozen als bedrijf om te solliciteren?

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