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Er werd een Customer Success Manager gevraagd...1 december 2021

What is your view of customer success


Describe a situation where a client was frustrated and how you were able to navigate the issue.


Behavioral questions with HR head. Technical questions with CSM Head.

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The process was smooth and the panelists were kind.


Tell me your digital marketing experience Do you have knowledge of engineering


Mostly scenario based questions on people management and operations.


What are the three things I learned about the company while preparing for the interview?


Previous processes, career goals, etc. I am at a career pivot so I'm sure the questions asked are different than someone with previous CSM experience


Describe how you work across different backgrounds/cultures

Motivations, past experiences, different situations with customers, goals in life, interests

Papaya Global

They had asked me to: 1. Research and write new topics from scratch. 2. Gave me 6 email scenarios 3. Research and write about their product.

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