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Er werd een Customer Support Engineer gevraagd...27 november 2013

Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?

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Well, assuming the equation is 2*pi*(R+1)-2*pi(R), I think the correct answer should be 2*pi Minder

Yeah, it is 2*pi...

There is no increase in length. Rather there will be decrease in lenght as equator had the largest radius on the ellipsoid of earth. Minder

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Question 3: Write a program in whatever language you like that solves for the factorial of a number.

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import java.util.Scanner; class Factorial { public static void main(String args[]) { int n, c, fact = 1; System.out.println("Enter an integer to calculate it's factorial"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; n = in.nextInt(); if ( n < 0 ) System.out.println("Number should be non-negative."); else { for ( c = 1 ; c <= n ; c++ ) fact = fact*c; System.out.println("Factorial of "+n+" is = "+fact); } } } Minder

Fortran program fact integer ans,num print*, 'Enter an integer to find its factorial' read(*,*)num if( stop ans = rec(num) write(*,*)ans end program recursive function rec(n) result(f) integer,intent(in):: n integer f if(n.eq.0) then f=1 else f = n*rec(n-1) endif end function Minder

My example was not great. I suggested looking online for more sophisticated answers Minder


If there was a train track that went around the equator and you wanted to build an additional track one foot off the surface, how much additional track would you need?

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2*pi*(r+1) - 2*pi*r = 2*pi

2pi additional feet of track

remember that r should be in meters for this to hold true. If r is in feet then the correct answer is 2*pi * 0.3048 Minder

Cisco Systems

If you have a customer on phone, the manager want something from you, and you have a customer waiting your reply via mail, what is the best practice way to handle this.

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For this situation, the customer on phone is the highest priority, because if this customer is not on hurry and want an urgent support, he will not call the support team to ask for help, then will check the manager and the mail for the customer, and see which one is the highest priority. Minder

The customer on phone is first priority. I would also let the manager know that i have a customer on phone. If the customer email is urgent, i would take care of that next and keep manager informed of situation. If the customer email doesn't have a timeline, i would handle the manager need 2nd. Minder


1. What is DNS?

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Stands for Domain Name Service

It is the Data Source Name, which is a data-structure that contains the information about a specific database that a ODBC (open database connectivity driver) needs in order to connect to it. Minder


Do you like tacos, and if yes, what kind of taco would you make if money were no object?

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Sour grapes

Why do interviewers ask stupid questions like this? Show some professionalism, this has nothing to do with the job. This is the second time I read this taco question from this company. HR, please find out who is asking this and tell them to stop. It's a turnoff to prospective employees and seems like the interviewer isn't taking this as seriously as the interviewee. This is someone's livelihood they are messing around with. Minder


What is my experience with customer service?

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Have you ever sold a product to a customer that they didn't know they needed it?

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Intercom or ex-Intercom Customer Support Engineer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Minder

Crossover for Work

Verbal, numerical, logical, basic, language, and other questions.

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If you need help passing the CCAT (hardest part of the process in my opinion) I passed it by studying ruthlessly. I found this site that has EXACTLY the SAME CCAT as crossovers and just took that a bunch of times. CROSSOVERCCAT(dot)COM I recommend this for anyone that has the proctored CCAT coming up. It is the SAME test as CROSSOVER for WORK I woulden’t have been able to pass without it! Minder

Thank you, that website seems to work.


Describe for me a technical problem you encountered and how you solved it

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I detailed a challenge my team encountered while working in manufacturing. The interviewer requested that I use a white board to explain my topic. Minder

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully Samsara Customer Support Engineer experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Minder


API Challenge using Python.

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Not very well. I had completed the Data Onboarding Series from the Intercom Developer Docs so had information I could have accessed using the API, but didn't think of doing so. Practice getting user info from the API, creating lists of x users, parsing info (eg names from email addresses), and editing users with a Post request Minder

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Intercom Customer Support Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Minder

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