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If I am willing to stay for long

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I said yes

can you share about psychology assessment a bit more?

De belangrijkste vraag die gesteld werd is om voor het 2e gesprek een korte presentatie voor te bereiden met een idee/opmerking over de rol van het vakgebied binnen de organisatie waarin duidelijk visie naar boven moet komen.

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Solve a test case.

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Explain your background.

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-My Experience -How my work impacted my previous work place -Key Success and failures -Strengths & Weakness -Prioritization skills (This is what I needed to improve on as they weren't confident in what I had to offer )

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There is no planned particular questions. Everything was organic and in response to statements I made.

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Did not have an interview yet, but most of them are behavioral questions.

1 antwoord can hire in-source employees or demand from out-source employees from external companies that can be hired even hourly. Assume you want to hire 50 new members for the customer care department. How do you choose them?

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How would you query an SQL database with Tera of data?

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what did you do before? which languages do you use? how are you with google sheets?

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