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Why do you want to work at Dashmote

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Because the company’s purpose is in line with what I want to do later.

Classical questions

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Suppose I have records like this: ("a-b", "data1", 1) ("a-c", "data2", 1) ("a-b", "data3", 1) How can I group and sum, such that I have the following results when the input is a DataStream? ("a-b", ["data1", "data3"], 2) ("a-c", ["data2"], 1)

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The third programming round was a take-home assignment, in which I had to develop a small web application (frond + back-end) in which you could analyse a Wikipedia dataset.

The first round was an online test in which I had to solve some puzzles through programming (which was fun).

Questions about how to deploy ML pipelines in production using several data stores.

HR telephonic: How much data do you "ingest" daily? HR has no clue of differences b/w ingesting and processing. If you by chance say in GBs and TBs only and not PBs, you just marred your fortunes for a free trip to Netherlands. Hackerrank most pathetic SQL questions, one ambigous python ques which are very, very easy to solve Telephonic: HR doesnt know what exactly is the nature of interview and what topics to prep for, they tell you SQL/Streaming/Data Structures and ask 'Scala' functional programming crammed by heart!!

- What would you do when several stakeholders come at once with different projects, given your time and availability are limited. - How capable are you of accurate and consistent work? - Do you have experience programming in any language?

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