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Er werd een Data Entry Clerk gevraagd...21 november 2022

Have I been in any criminal activity in the last 2 years?

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I obviously answered no


What is your greatest weakness and accomplishment.

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Greatest accomplishment is my family.


Your items have been successfully ordered and would be delivered within 2-3 days after payment is confirmed. Total amount of the items ordered is $1,800. Details of the items ordered below: 1. Employee and Training Software 2. Time Tracker Software 3. Scanner and Wireless Printer. Payment will be made to the vendor via Zelle Pay or Cashapp. Which are you most familiar with?

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Tell us about yourself and why you are the perfect fit for this role

HUB International

What do you think are your 3 biggest strengths?


Tells us about yourself. Why did you apply for this position?

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I answered with previous experience mixing in my interest and goals.


What was a situation that was tough

whether i would be up to the task, not anything about me as a person or my resume

Central Transport

Regarding past job experiences and why you switch your company

HR Support

What days are you available to work

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