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Trans International
Er werd een Data Entry Operator gevraagd...25 september 2021

What are your plans a few years from now?

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A list of professional goals that I want to achieve within next years

I love working with a flexible schedule become master a difficult skill

I wanna be a digital marketing Manager.

Cass Information Systems

How would your former boss describe your work ethic?

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What tasks did you like least about your prior position?

Above average.

IIBM Institute

Discuss of salery

2 antwoorden

M interested in this job

I talk answer himself


What is RAM?

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RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a primary storage device in a computer system that stores the data in it just for the time computer is turned On and is running. it loses all the data when turned off. Minder

random access memory

S.S. Enterprises

Describe yourself

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I said everything and they co operation

3 members in my family my mom my sister and me my mom is house wife my sister goat married Minder

E-Smart Systems

Tell us about your self

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The way one/everyone would


Typing Skill Must

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First of all the most important thing for the position I applied for was my typing skills and word accuracy.They gave me certain paragraphs and asked me to type them.The machine was calculating my speed and work accuracy

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I ckeared that test very easily because I had a good prior experience in this industry.I was quite impressive in typing skills so i got selected Minder

Little Rapids

How I would handle different situations and how well I got along with people. Gave me examples of different situations and asked how I would respond to them.

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Well, I was hired. Not much to say, they had several hurdles for me to jump during the initial hiring process. I was already prepared for Six Sigma related questions and I had the answers they were looking for. I had extensive experience in the paper industry so I was a shoe in for the open position. They were very happy with my performance through- out the hiring process and orientation and placement on the equipment they trained me on. Minder

HCA Healthcare UK

About office working, how we add and subtract a value from the other how we make a database sheet and a excel sheet.

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I answers that i do this all i do practical of these question and performed it.

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