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Er werd een Entry Level GIS Technician gevraagd...11 augustus 2018

can you work extra hours if need be

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What do you know about cars?

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I have a certification an Basic Auto Technician.I know so many things.

I just have personal like if your battery is charging up then the alternator is probably bad, and if your car is getting hot the first two things you should check is radiator fluid and engine oil Minder

Express Scripts

Why do you want to work for this company?

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Hello! Cause I need a job! But I didn't say that. Just said it was a reputable and respected company in the field and being a large company had ample oppourtuniy for advancement Minder

Pelham Community Pharmacy

How many years experience?

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Over 10

Hunt Refining Company

What do you do for fun? *

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*Once assigned to your shift, you will be spending 12 hours a day or night with them , so they want to know that you can all find something interesting to talk about together. This is west Alabama, so "the good ol' boy" system will benefit you, but it's not necessary because I did not have it. Minder


2011 How long have you been employed with this company What is your current job responsibilities How long have you been certified Would you like to transfer to this company

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1 and1/2 years To assist facilities with refill request and input new orders For 4 years Yes Minder


Past experience attendance an issue

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No had never been an issue

TERRA Staffing Group

The only question I was asked was about my lack of recent work history.

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I've received 3 jobs in the last couple of years but none have led to work. The first was cancelled, the second removed due to a power outage, and the third to outbreak. Minder


What would you like to be doing in the next 3 years?

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What are you ideally looking for in your next position?

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