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Er werd een Registered Migration Agent gevraagd...7 maart 2021

Do you plan to open your own agency

2 antwoorden

Not in the near future

Yes and i am recently registered as migration agent.So, let me know how it is possible. Minder


Types Joins? Have you used Procedures and Functions?

2 antwoorden

I answered Yes and explained the structure of both..

Do you have any written test questions?


how to remove duplicate rows from a table in database?

2 antwoorden

use rowcount function for particular column and then delete query

use DISTINCT function to remove duplicates from a table in database.


They ask u questions about process flows,some algorithm qs-tell u to write pseudocode on white board. They also judge you on creativity. A lot of behavioral qs. I interviewed with hiring manager twice and he asked almost same qs.

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What will you call your autobiography? fizzbuzz coding q

Hi ! may I please know what kind of pseudo code questions they asked

OBOX Solutions

When you've had as many contracts at I have, it's hard to remember at which job you used which skill.

1 antwoorden

OBOX is a great company to work for. I worked for them for a while last year.


Taking a coding test on a piece of paper. Who does that.

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If they want to see code samples just ask


Basic SQL and Core Java Questions. Few question about the company.

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I answered all the questions with confidence and they will ask you to rate yourself for different technologies. Minder


A hypothetical question regarding two companies. Which one's data I would migrate to a new cloud service first and the decisions which led me to that choice.

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There were no right answers, just a thought exercise.

EXL Service

what is migration

1 antwoorden

basic defination


What are your salary requirements?

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I answered honestly, which probably eliminated me from consideration, but also saved a lot of time if they weren't willing to negotiate. Minder

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