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Er werd een Data Analyst Intern gevraagd...25 september 2023

Given a dataset of orders (OrderID, Item, Date), if I want to know which items to upsell other items to, I need to know which items I should pair all items with. How can I do this and what does the final table look like?


Programación, aritmética, álgebra, mate basica, etc

SFL Scientific

Various, including: What was the last academic paper you read? What is the architectural foundation of recent LLMs? One of the take-home exercises required developing a basic ML classification pipeline for audio data (very interesting problem, at least!)

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

more of excel and no sql or tableau asked.

Ai Palette

How would you design a scalable data collection pipeline for millions of data points from various sources using APIs and web extraction techniques?

Ai Palette

Can you share a challenging data extraction project you've worked on using libraries like BeautifulSoup and Python Requests?


2 questions total; 1 question was on file I/O and the other one was on intermediate/advanced SQL


5 SQL Questions and 5 Python Questions

Piramal Finance

What is the difference between list in python vs arrays in C++

Rewire (Israel)

What technologies im familiar with. Explaining pipeline design I did in the past

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