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Er werd een Data Stage Developer/Programmer gevraagd...9 december 2020

perchè è meglio un ciclo for o perchè un ciclo while

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Potresti descrivere nel dettaglio il colloquio tecnico successivo al corso? Grazie in anticipo per la tua valutazione. Minder



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Datastage design, development, partitioning sorting and questions on performance tuning Minder


1. About current project and client 2. Datastage technical questions on SCD2, Datasets, scenario based questions, Aggregate, Lookup etc stages.

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1. Explained about current project in detail. 2. Technical questions were simple. However one who has really worked on the tool can answer. Not from online Q-A lists. Minder


What is parallelism? Multiple processors run the job to increase the performance of the DataStage job, These are two types 1.pipeline parallelism 2.partition parallelism

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Cognitive Logics

Interview is based on my previous experience and technical question on Unix, IBM Datastage , DB2 , Sybase and Oracle.

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Interview went well, i answered most of question

Cognizant Technology Solutions

How many parameter sets in datastage?

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There are 3 parameter sets, each parameter consists Elements 1.job parameter parameter 3.local parameter Minder


how to remove duplicates without using duplicate stage

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two case scenarios to test your logic


what is SCD and its types

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simple sql queries that use between


Interview was Never scheduled and I can answer anything about it


what is config file? what are environment variables ? Difference between sequential file and dataset.

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