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Er werd een SAS Data Warehousing Analyst/Consultant gevraagd...15 oktober 2018

- on the challenge of mixing both the consultancy approach and the tech-IT ones

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- offered my view on it, discussed about my openness to it

The Jackson Laboratory

Are you familiar with the Kimball methodology for data warehousing?

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I have worked with several methodologies and (at the time) was only vaguely aware of Kimball. That was not a good answer as Kimball is considered by many to be the "father of Data Warehousing". That was pretty much end of story, other than I went home and began reading a Kimball book; later took a 10 week data warehousing course. The course only mentioned Kimball's name once, but covered all of the Microsoft SQL Data Warehousing tools in great detail. Disappointing interview experience led to a career refresh. :) Minder

Martins Point Health Care

What kind of a sense of humor I had

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I demonstrated it throughout the interview by joking (appropriately).

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

where did you grow up

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in the city


Questions about tableau, business objects and SQL Null is null

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Would you be able to provide more detail regarding the technical test? Thanks!

Constant Contact

How do you gather requirements and document them?

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I went through the process and gave examples, as it's fairly standard.

Unexpected: How do you recover from a database failure?

Fast Enterprises

tell me about yourself


Most questions were related to my current work experience and some of the tools i have experience with. There were also some situation based questions.


Tell us an example where you took initiative in a group project.

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