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Er werd een Data Warehouse Engineer gevraagd...11 oktober 2017

what is data science

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it's the science that uses data to extract usable and useful informations that lead to improvements. Minder

Bell-Carter Foods

Asked about experience with various RDBMS

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I have experience with a variety of the normally deployed systems so I gave some samples of each. They have a decently broad stack so its more than just a single faceted job. Minder

Spark Networks

What is your notice period?

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1 month

Reinsurance Group of America

partitioning types

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List, Range, Hash, Interveral, Composite (i.e. Range-List partition)

Rocket Companies

Resume walk through

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After the interview the person co-ordinating called up to they dont sponsor H1b. I think this is something which needs to be clear even before scheduling an interview Minder


Banking application code verification, bug fixes and performance improvement.

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Went through the existing code to identify the bugs and suggested ways to improve performance. Minder


Aws - Boto3 SQL - Case Satement - Mod function - Qualify Row Number - Checksum Unix - Find hidden files within a folder Tons of behavioral questions

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Tell them the salary requirements well ahead and get to know the compete benefits. So that you don’t have to spend lot of your energy for no use Minder


About my masters' studies and subjects

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I explained all my subject modules


I was then told, "Due to the high volume of applicants, I’m having to prioritize my time based on candidates in or near the salary range I have budgeted for these roles. If you do not want to disclose this information via email, I totally understand, but it may be some time before I am able to get to your application."

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I responded, "I understand. Hopefully we can touch base again soon, and set up a time to chat. " I have not heard from the recruiter since, and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Minder

RSM Solutions

What don't you like about Dell Boomi?

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Before I could explain what I didn't like about the pricing model he interrupted me to say "Paying for things is terrible hurrdurr." Minder

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