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Er werd een Database Architect gevraagd...13 oktober 2023

Tell me a time when you have to meet the deadline and you've stocked with unpredictable things


Describe your most challenging projects in the database world.

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Told about related projects.


Explain architecture, process details patching questins - wich file to touch inventory stuff


What is one thing you have accomplished that added value to an organization you've worked with/for?


Architectural based questions, questions around the ability to play a mentor/leadership role.


- array questions - Postgres DB internal questions


How did you determine and test that your solution was going to solve the issue?

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I answered honestly, that we looked at metrics, looked at processes running, and decided to adjust instance type. The problem did not recur. But he kept asking me over and over "How did you test this? How did you verify?" and I kept answering "We solved the problem, it did not happen, we watched the metrics and saw we were not hitting limits as before" Minder


How do you do to implement the project? How to make join faster

Consolidated Precision Products

SQL, Microsoft Powerbi and database skills


Generic and POC designing tables.

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