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Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Er werd een Database Engineer gevraagd...15 maart 2023

It's 1st Round of interview , video mode. Mostly they asked questions on SQL pointers,DB performance tuning,Scenario based questions, Handling large db issues, TDE encryption and few behavioural questions like why looking for change, what is expected salary, why don't you look for same change in your organisation.

Accelya Group

function vs procedure. What are collections and its type

Huawei Technologies

basic skill assessment on database

Lockheed Martin

Why do you want to work here?

Q Investments

Mainly how you would be effective as Data Engineer


Related to database Sp, functions


They asked 3 coding questions


About yourself Visual Analysis Database Queries

Round 1 - Q1. All questioned wad on SQL . Q2 Joints and its Type Q3 DML,DDL,DCL,DQL Q4.Practical queries were given. Q5 how to swap values within same column. Round -2 Q1 All the practical queries given like find the names who have 8 digit of contact number etc Q2 self joint Q3 Stored Procedure and Function Q4 Aggregate function

Persistent Systems

Self intro and basic questions

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