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Er werd een Database Programmer gevraagd...21 februari 2014

I was asked if I could provide a proof of concept for a conversion from MS Access 2003 to ASP.Net.

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The project was undertaken and after a few months it was determined that the project would not continue. Minder


How much do you expect to make here? (Something to that extent.)

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I replied with lower to upper 40s. The answer I got back was nauseating: Meeks only goes to low-to-mid-30s for entry-level developers! This is unacceptable for a technical position in 2014. Minder


As for an Sql developer interview .basics of sql as well as joins and optimizations

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should have clear knowledge


Do you want the job

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Are you familiar with SharePoint?

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I had never heard of SharePoint and they were a little disappointed.


two column having ip address stored.each row having a range(ip_address_to,ip_address_from,country) and country mapping to which the ip belongs. Question was wat will be the best structure to store it in sql as well as how to optimize it if queried such a table.

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store ip address in long datatype column.have indexes in them


How can you fit in this role and explain the scenario where you helped your company to reduce costs.

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Scenarios where i propose a project of moving third part paid applications to the internal system which was cost reduction. Minder


All Technical Questions related to the development tool

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Very Well


Why do you want this position?

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I told them why my experiences fit with this position and mission of the company

Teledyne Technologies

Given a table which contains some rows with duplicate keys, how would you remove the duplicates?

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