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Er werd een DB2 Database Administrator Contractor gevraagd...9 juni 2014

Most difficult question involved a description of their culture of excellence and how I thought I would fit it - how I had demonstrated that in the past. Had to give a lot of thought to the answer since they were looking for a specific, relevant example. Was a huge opportunity to shine, but also required a shining answer.

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as alluded to above, I described an event in my professional past the showcased my dedication to best result - seems that was acceptable as I got an offer. Minder

North Carolina Department of Revenue

How confident are you with dealing with disaster recovery?

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As confident as the resources used to perform the backup.

MSI Global (Singapore)

Write SQL query for scenaios, explain db2 functions, go through answers on the spot

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Wrote SQL queries, explained whatever I could.

Insight Global

How many years of DB2 experience.

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20+ years in all areas, application development, performance tuning, and 10+ years as DB2 application DBA with much work on upgrades with systems programmers for DB2 and other mainframe z/OS software. Minder


During HR interview , one question asked was regarding the challenges I faced in my career.

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I explained the biggest technical challenges I faced as a fresher and as a Senior DBA. Minder


Why do you want to join HCL

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All the positive points of HCL, its growth and brand name

Tata Consultancy Services

DB2 page sizes, hadr, tsamp, DBM cfg, db cfg, architecture and backups

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Answered all questions


I don't remember any such question.


Isolation levels in db2

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