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How you convince a poor performing supplier to cooperate?

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Building mutual trust and open communication. Researching or knowing Service Level Agreement and using the knowledge as ammunition for negotiation.

How do you a handle a supplier who does not respect the SLA?

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Do you have experience writing Service Level Agreements based on statements of work?

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Kennis over Backbase Werkervaring Leidinggevende ervaring Ervaring met performance reviews Ervaring met ontslaan personeel Verschil consultancy/projmgmt/service delivery

What is partner enablement for you? What is the difference between training and enablement? How would you enable a partner? What metrics would you apply?

Do you have experience executing procurement processes?

How you mange the delivery and what process you have followed for Project Management?

Why do you want to join Mobiquity? All other questions were prepared especially for me by my interviewers, so posting them wouldn't be relevant to other candidates.

The main purpose was trying to figure out if one fits into their culture, it also gave me an opportunity to understand if this company fits me. Questions asked were around people management, work load organisation, customer interactions..etc...

"We willen managed services naar een hoger niveau brengen, hoe zou jij dat aanpakken?"

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