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Er werd een Technical Program Manager - Network Deployment gevraagd...18 november 2016

What is a simple device used in DWDM circuits to "cool" a signal.

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I stated that I was not familiar with the term "cool" a signal. Perhaps if she had asked how one reduces power levels on an optic signal, I would have answered correctly. Minder

I've only heard of an attenuator being used to weaken the DB level on fiber.


Name 5 fiber optic connector types.

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I only knew of SC & LC.

Also FC and MPO


Are you up to date on the current AFI's that govern UDM.

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Yes, can pull up on google and review.

Eurofins Scientific


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i tried to answer all question but when the question do not meet the criteria for the position you came for than you cant clear it.If i ask HR manager to write some linux script or some java program than i am sure she wont. They gave all out of scope question and more over who take written on 10 years of exp and where all questions related to other technologies and not at all related to the position you went for interview. They wasted my 3 hours.They should not do that. Minder


Describe a time when you disagreed with your boss at work and what happened?

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My boss wanted us to perform digs without confirmed 0mh’s...this had the potential to cause rework and add additional costs to the budget. Minder


How do I prioritize my work day?

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Constant reshuffling and managing leadership's priorities first

Tata Consultancy Services

What if the process is the problem? I thought that was telling since it turned out that the processes were totally broken.

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I do as much as I can through the existing process then see what I an do to get around the process. Minder


Asked me what my current job was.

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I was doing the same job but for a different company on the same base as where the opening was. We talked $, she asked what my target salary was and agreed on an amount and was hired on the spot. Minder


How would you approach a workflow that has waves of intense activity and lulls?

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Utilize the lulls to reflect on theprevious busy times, identify what worked and what didn't, then impliment workflow changes to perpetuate the things that worked and attempt to prevent the bottlenecks identified. Minder

US Air Force

Can you work long hours? Can you work weekends?

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Yes Yes

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