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Er werd een Senior Deployment Manager gevraagd...7 september 2022

How would you handle a situation where the customers goals do not align with their purchase?


What attracts you to Olo? Tell us about your Project Management skills. What was a time you had to explain something technical to a new client? How do you keep projects on task?


Why BetterUp? What's a common thread that run throughout your career history? Can you tell us about a time that you were adamant about completing a goal and if you achieved it? Can you tell us about a time that you failed to meet a goal and what you learned from it?


Tell me about yourself / What led you to apply to this role and this company?

Dell Technologies

Can you describe an example of a situation where you provided exceptional customer service?

PowerSchool Group

What is your experience with project management?

PowerSchool Group

What do you know about the software development life cycle?

PowerSchool Group

Why do you want to leave your current role?


Questions about Data Center fit-out and dark fibre.


Why do you want to work at BetterUp? How do you spend time improving yourself?

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