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Riverside County Sheriff
Er werd een Deputy Sheriff gevraagd...22 mei 2019

Did I do drugs?

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In high school 3 times, marijuana

Can you work nights, holidays, and weekends?

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Nothing to do with law enforcement, mostly about character and morals.

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Changes depending on if the department is trying to staff shifts due to the high turn over rate. Minder

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Why do you want to work for Seminole County?

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Know the Sheriff's mission statement and make sure your values parallel their values. Minder

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

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Hell no!

Would you be able to fire your weapon in the line of duty?

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Yes, then provide some sound reasoning as to why you think you could.

Orange County Sheriff (CA)

how have you prepared for this job?

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questions were simple and basic. nothing complicated.

Collier County Sheriff

Scenario based questions

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Refer to supervisor

Washington County Sheriff's Office

I was asked to to talk about little about myself & my personal/professional background.

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I was just myself & answered openly and honestly.

County of Santa Clara

They asked me if I could jump a 6 foot wall.

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I jumped the wall

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