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Frederick County Sheriff's Office
Er werd een Deputy Sheriff gevraagd...20 december 2022

what is one of the biggest issues with the county

Georgetown County Sheriff

Tell us about yourself Why do you want to be a cop? What would make you a good cop? How would you handle a stressful situation? Why should we hire you over another cadidate?

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

What does community policing mean to you?

What is something that you have started but not finished and why did you not finish it.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office (OH)

Where did you go to high school, etc. Typical interveiw questions.


How are the kids, John?

El Paso County, CO

Was asked about Law enforcement experience

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experience with other agencies

Would you be able to fire your weapon in the line of duty?

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Yes, then provide some sound reasoning as to why you think you could.

What are your Strengths and weaknesses?

Would you give another officer a ticket

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