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Er werd een 3D Designer gevraagd...20 april 2014

Are you qualified??

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yes why not!!



Align Technology

¿Se considera un lider o un seguidor?

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Herff Jones

Why are you leaving your current job?

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Seeking more creative content

Max Mara Fashion Group

Q: In your future do you see yourself as an employer or an employee?

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A: Employer


I was asked the common, Where do you see yourself in five years?

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As it was my first job out of college I answered honestly that with being so new to my career and I hope to move up and forward with my career. Explained that I had heard the were a lot of improvements within Proto Labs for this and that's one of the reasons I hoped to join the company. Minder


What software did you use to create this?

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Unity Games Engine. ( Interviewer thought it was 3DS MAX)

Momentum Worldwide

What was the last project you worked on

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I told them about my role on AWS Summit and the floorplans/renderings that I did for them. They were very impressed with my work and attitude towards work challenges. Minder

SAGE Dining Services

My expertise in modeling and what programs I use.

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I specialized with Maya but was more than willing to learn any program they saw fit to use. Minder

Defeitos, qualidades, desafios etc

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Defeito ansiedade, qualidade iniciativa

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