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Puthur Infotech
Er werd een Desktop Support Engineer gevraagd...24 maart 2018

what is hardware and networking?

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basic answer


basically hardware is all about cpu , smos , ram , and all peripheral device.. hardware this means you have to take care of all the hardware related issues and installation and configuration of those parts.. networking- in netrworking you have to start with cabling , osi model, tcp ip model, ip addressing than routing and all. basically you are going to set a network for data flow.. Minder

CMS Info Systems

are u interested to join the course.

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Yes.this thing is happened for me also

PC Solutions

Q) What is operating system ? Q) how many types of OS? Q)versions of OS? and etc.

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Operating system acts as an interpreter between computer application and hardware. It works as an user interface. Minder

two type of operating system 1.NOS- Network Operating System.. exam.. Windows NT,2000,2003,2008,2012 2.SOS- Simple Operating System.. examp.. Windows 95,98,windows 7,8,8.1,10 Minder


about windows

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Operating system acts as an interpreter between computer application and hardware. It works as an user interface. Minder

CMS Info Systems

port numbers and their respective protocols,kickback server and others,osi model,protocols on each layer,sliding window protocol

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Nityo Infotech

Related to my job title

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by phone


Phil-Data Business Systems

How will you teach a kid to tie a shoe?

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Before you teach, show them first how it's done.

Teach them to how to tie a shoe

CMS IT services

System Format, type of format, Booting, Mail configuration, troubleshooting, basics of , Windows based applications and OS troubleshoot specially in XP, 7, 8.1, 10, Pinter installation, type of printers, Data backup how many process, windows password recovery, Difference between workgroup and domain and joining process, File types, your ambition, your strength , weakness and are you comfortable to work with field work or work into 24x7 time etc. and last but not least company will provide 8000/- for fresher level and in between 12000/ - 15000/- approximate maximum for experience level so are you ready or not...

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Whatever I know that part I said without hesitation honestly and that's it.

long form of ping commnd

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ping stands for packet internet group

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