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CMS Info Systems
Er werd een IT Systems Engineer(DESKTOP SUPPORT/NETWORK Engineer) gevraagd...28 maart 2014

port numbers and their respective protocols,kickback server and others,osi model,protocols on each layer,sliding window protocol

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Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

Am i interested in the job

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Found out since I found out you were for ARS is a franchise I know you guys are Crocs in my opinion and I've applied for you but I'm sorry I don't sell I make a living being honest Minder

I'm interested in this job because of this my related field field

FirstBank (Colorado)

Walk me step-by-step through how a person would pump gas.

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This is a standard tech question, but usually it's about a computer. Just don't forget a step. (Is the person paying with cash or credit, take the credit card out of the wallet, scan it, choose credit, enter your zip code, choose the grade, pop the gas cover, etc). Minder

O-AT-KA Milk Products

How would you use ipv6 in a domain environment.

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Technical examination of the staff members' computers, specifically dealing with problems derived from software and hardware

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How to move user in Active Directory console from one OU to another?

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1) Using mouse and drag-and-drop user into desired unit. Right click on user, select "Move", right click in desired unit and select "Paste". Minder


Describe the pin layout for the TIA/EIA 568A and TIA/EIA-568B standards.

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I named the order of the wires by color for both standards.

Michigan Health Information Network

They asked me about my skills and my previous work experience and that they are a high paced work environment

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I've had experience working in a corporate environment before so I told them about that and about how I had to be flexible and adaptable. Minder


Why are you good fit for role?

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Mentioned my qualifications, team mentality, experience.

Ultra Clean Technology

What do you do in your spare time?

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I don't do much of anything as I don't have much spare time.

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