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Harris County Sheriff's Office
Er werd een Detention Officer gevraagd...20 mei 2015

Have you ever committed an act, detected or otherwise, that would warrant an arrest?

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No (obviously)

what kind of questions were you asked for the polygraph portion of the hiring process??? Minder

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

how do i know you're dedicated to be here in the long run?

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Well Sir i flew all the way from out of state to be here.

How long did the process take after your interview for you to get an offer?

Corrections Corporation of America

If you and a cowrkr that you didn't like were assigned to the same work area how would you handle the situation?

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Answer- I would treat that cowrkr like my bestfriend because when we're at work all of our differences go out of the window. Minder

When it comes to work I believe everyone should leave their bags at home meaning emotions this is a workplace and personal problems should not be allowed at any facility Minder

Doyon Government Group

Can you stand for more than 8 hours?

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Guadalupe County Sheriff

Why I wanted to work there

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I have a long history of working with law enforcement, and I enjoy working with people. I liked the job itself. Minder

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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why does your credit look like it does? (bad)

Hidalgo County, Texas

What can you offer for our department ?

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I am a team player ready to work and learn and to multitask be prepared on time for what I will be needing under certain circumstance decision making Minder

Why do you want to get a job as a detention officer ?

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Answer honestly. I.e. I would like to get a job as a detention officer to have a stepping stone into a law-enforcement career. Minder

State of Connecticut

How is Communication important?

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All forms of communication are key, being able to communicate verbally, non-verbally, and electronically. Being able to communicate clearly with other staff members, detainees, and being able to file electronic reports is veryimportantto the safety of all. Minder

Harris County Sheriff's Office

The Background Investigator asked several questions pertaining to my past employment, how I answered questions on the application packet, and questions relating to the polygraph evaluation. My interview lasted approx an hour and a half. BI offered breaks, drinks, and told me an approx date I would start pending everything went smoothly with my background investigation.

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There was no right or wrong answer to the questions. Answers may very from applicant to applicant. Minder

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