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Er werd een Director, Category Management gevraagd...26 juni 2022

Questions on culture of organisation.


What are your salary expectations?


Case was on pricing. Behaviorism questions, eg a situation I had fundamental different opinions with a peer / my idea failed / I was short on resources / had to get the team back on track / had to pivot etc but also on career moves, why Wayfair etc

KeHE Distributors

Prior experience that is relevant to the position, experience managing teams

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Interview went very well, but compensation surprised me - they pay Manager level salaries for a Direct Level role. I would have had to take a pay cut, so I declined. Minder


lots of "tell me about a time when..." - you lead by influence - you used data to make a decision

Mid-States Distributing, LLC

Why do you feel you would be good for this position?

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Based on my background, experience in retail, combined with my work ethic and positive can-do attitude in accepting any challenge in front of me, I believe that I am a great fit for this organization. Minder

Performance Health

Typical background/walk me through your resume and why are you interested in this role

Menasha Packaging

If you were on a long elevator ride with your potential hiring manager, how would you sell yourself that you were the best fit for the role?

Fiverr Inc.

Questions about the company, competitors, have you used the product - did it work out for you etc.

The Bumble Bee Seafood Company

Category Management specific questions around category roles and pricing

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explained the process of category roles and how I would handle them for his category and discussed pricing competitiveness of his category against private label Minder

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