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Er werd een Director, Global Consumer Insights gevraagd...13 september 2022

1) example of your leadership skills 2) describe professional engagement you were proud of the most

J.D. Power

Tell me about your favorite project that you've completed.

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Don't recall.


Provide examples of leadership regarding how to manage a low performing employee and an example of collaboration.

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Outlined several examples in detail to be submitted in writing for evaluation.


What does insights mean to you? How do you think about what makes good insights work? When have you used mixed methodologies? What is your role in your current structure?


What will your former employer say about you? What would they rate you on a scale from 0-10? {if not a 10] Why not a 10?


They asked about my relevant experience for this job.

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I gave examples from my work.

Delivery Hero

Why do we have to hire you?

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My first hand relevant experiences and passions


Are you comfortable operating both independently and in teams? Can you balance quant and qual data, and then present your findings in different formats, depending on the audience?

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