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Er werd een Senior Labor Relations Director gevraagd...29 september 2017

Did you read the Job Description? If so, is it something that you would like to do?

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Definitely, I have read the position and I have done my research and based on my background I am confident that it is something that I can bring a valued-added proposition to the job. Minder


Imaginary quetion: Why do you believe you are the best person for this position

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I would have said, 'I have a very diverse background that covers both the public and private sectors with a proven track record for getting the job done with a very high level of customer satisfaction Minder


Why do I want the job and what are my skills


I was asked the number of unions with whom I had negotiated collective bargaining agreements.

The Coca-Cola Company

Dont' recall any questions that were particularly difficult or unusual.

Sonoco Products

Doesn't matter as the company did not provide feedback for over a month following the interview upon which I removed myself from the process.

Compass Group

What were the circumstances of leaving my former corporate position?

Compass Group

What was my level of experience regarding supervision of reports - especially ones that were remote.

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