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S&P Global
Er werd een Senior Director, Business Development gevraagd...23 maart 2023

Tell us more about your experience in customer sales? Tell us your experience in Oil and Gas industry?


They asked me to role-play a cold call and it was a little weird.

Octet Design Studio

Tell me about Yourself Brief about the past work exp


What is your availability for an initial interview?


They asked me about my experience relative to the position I was interviewing for. They asked me about my experience managing a team, how I deal with change, and also asked about how I would deal with certain situations. They also used a method to have me tell them about times where I did certain things such as projects, job changes, etc.

Pulsar Platform

Why do you see social listening and audience intelligence as important?

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Cost-effective way of delivering market research that taps into the exponential growth of social media Minder


What my learning style was like

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Answered as independent with questions regarding curiosity vs questions I could find out myself . Minder

Interview questions pertain to how I would do the job, and my leadership style.


You can read my comments above.


Why I wanted to work in Mastercard and how can I give my contribute for the company.

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