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Er werd een Director of Engineering gevraagd...27 september 2023

Typical questions were asked. Tell me about your self. Talk about how your current role will impact this role.

Columbus McKinnon

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Tell me about your latest challenge.

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I told them about my latest challenge.


Q: Tell me about your experience managing a large project that needed to influence stakeholders across the organization? Q: Tell me about your management style? Q: Tell me about a challenging problem you needed to solve and how you went about solving it?


All questions were around experience and how problems/challenges were dealt with in the past. People problems, general philosophy on creating teams and culture, performance management. How to collaborate with product and how to engage productively with commercial.


Tell me about a time when you dealt with a skip-level underperformer.


Describe a time when something urgent came your way at the last minute. How did you handle it?


One of the standout interview segments focused on the comparison between Monolith and Microservice design, along with their respective pros and cons.


Describe a challenge you faced and how you overcame it in your current job?

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