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Er werd een Human Resources Director gevraagd...26 januari 2023

Competency and prior example based questions.

CTS Corporation

They asked the typical questions on my background and what I knew about the company. Nothing out of the ordinary.


It was based on salary benchmarking, Indian tax laws


How many direct reports had I previously managed?


Tell me about a time where you managed a situation followed by ‘I suppose it was xxx section that you detail on your CV’ ‘Don’t you want to know how the company makes money’ before I could answer ‘here’s how…’

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Didn’t have an opportunity

Student Leadership Network

Tell me about a time when you had to handle a conflict in the workplace.


Competency based to job description and role

Marriott International

Basic questions about work experience, salary expectation, availability...

Blue Shield Of California

questions were specific around merger and acquisition experience.

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